Why is my master distorting?

There may have been something in your mix that was made more obvious after mastering, there may be a browser or network related problem when streaming your master at landr.com, or an error may have occurred during the mastering process. 

Consider the following:

  1. Firstly, it's important to rule out any browser-related issues. We recommend starting by clearing your cache and restarting your browser if you're hearing distortion when playing back your masters from within your account at landr.com. It's important to download a copy of the mastered file and assess it using a media player or DAW. 

  2. Take the time to listen carefully to your original mix after you’ve exported or bounced it. Mastering can bring forward things we can't hear in the mix by the virtue of making the song louder (things are more noticeable). So on occasion, you may be hearing something that exists in your original mix, only louder.

  3. Make sure you’ve followed our premaster recommendations - this is key to getting the best possible results out of LANDR.

  4. Lotsa Low-end! If you like that bass-heavy stuff - no problem - just keep in mind that sometimes excessive amounts of bass and sub bass frequency can give LANDR a hard to time to master your track optimally. Sometimes just applying a little high-pass filtering will make the difference.

  5. Is your kick getting crunchy? Sometimes kick drums and other prominent, transient-heavy sounds can change in character or distort after mastering if not properly controlled at the mixing stage. Adding a bit more compression to your kick in the mix could avoid the hard limiting effects done by the mastering process. It often sounds better to add small amounts of compression at different stages in the mixing process than adding more at the end.


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