Why is the data in my earnings dashboard different from my trends dashboard?

Your earnings dashboard shows you how much money you've earned (and actually received in your account) from all stores for each of your released tracks. The stream/download numbers you see here only correspond to the streams and downloads that you've actually received money for.
This is why there's a discrepancy between the numbers here and in the trends dashboard.
The numbers in your earnings dashboard are pulled from actual revenue reports we receive from all the stores on a monthly basis. There's a 2-3 month delay from the end of the month your song was streamed or downloaded to the time you receive your first earnings from it.
Your trends dashboard is where you'll see your streaming/download data from iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer. The data is updated almost daily from the trends report we get from stores. Just because you see certain numbers here, it doesn't mean you've been paid for those streams/downloads yet.


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