Can I master my album with LANDR?

Yes, you can master your album with LANDR!

LANDR album mastering is designed to master multiple tracks to achieve the smoothest, most optimal sound across all your tracks.The album mastering engine currently allows 2-20 tracks to be mastered as an album.


The same guidelines for preparing your mix for mastering apply to album mastering as well.


To master your album, select multiple tracks already in your library or upload new tracks directly from your computer. When selecting tracks already in your library, the LANDR engine will use your originals to master your album.


We recommend WAVs for best results, especially if you plan on releasing your mastered album to stores. Uploading your tracks in the same format will help to achieve the most consistent results across your album.

If you ever decide to delete your mastered album, your original files will remain in your library, but all mastered versions will be removed.

Album Masters are not currently eligible for Revisions. 


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