LANDR accepts most digital audio files. The LANDR engine is best at mastering music, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get great results with other types of material. LANDR’s engine is familiar with tons of sound sources, music genres and production styles - and it’s learning more everyday.


Master podcasts, live gigs, audio for video, DJ sets, and Stems. LANDR can work with different genres, from rock to jazz, hip hop to EDM.


Keep in mind that LANDR isn’t designed to remaster material that’s already been mastered. Use LANDR to add some extra polish - but you may get a message that says 'your track is too loud' or, your results might not be as noticeable as if you were to upload unmastered material.


LANDR doesn’t have any legal restrictions on what you can or can’t upload, but if you don’t have the rights to something that you’re mastering with us, be careful what you do with it after mastering.


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