What are the LANDR loudness options?

LANDR offers 3 mastering loudness settings:

  • The Low loudness setting is LANDR's most delicate touch. Use it to preserve the dynamic range of your track, add presence and embellish subtle nuances in your mix. It's the option least concerned with boosting the overall volume of your tracks and is often used for softer, acoustic styles, spoken-word and orchestral works to name a few. This option also works best for distributing to streaming services. 

  •  The High loudness setting is the other side of the spectrum - commonly used by our EDM and Electronic music artists, this loudness setting is all about power and loudness. This is the option to choose if you want your mix as loud as possible. However, with this option comes the sacrificing of dynamic range.

  •  Finally, our Medium loudness falls somewhere in between. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a boost, but you wanna maintain a lot of your dynamics too.

Check out more videos to learn more about how to use LANDR.


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