LANDR requires a license agreement (and proof of purchase when applicable) for licensed / third-party content on your releases.

This includes beats from beat marketplaces like BeatStars, "free" or "free for profit" beats on YouTube, remixes, and samples from other artists' work or from other mediums like TV and movies.

We do this to verify the rights to the audio content, and to assist if any copyright claims are sent to us down the line.

LANDR also requires verification for some high profile collaborations to verify the validity of the metadata. Some artist's profiles are protected by the streaming platforms themselves.

Licenses or contracts should come in PDF format and include the following details at a minimum:

  • The names of the licensor and the licensee / the buyer and the seller / the collaborator and the releasing artist or label
  • The title of the work being licensed
  • The duration of the agreement
  • The rights for digital sales / permanent downloads
  • The rights for monetized streaming

These documents can also include other terms and conditions. For example, many beat sellers require producer credit in the release's metadata as a term of the license they provide for their work.

Sending this information as part of your release submission also speeds up the review process so we can get your release out there faster!

Here's what that looks like: 


We ask our users to have the rights to all content they submit. You can learn more about copyright here!




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