How do I stream audio from my DAW with Sessions on Windows?

Follow these instructions to install the Sessions plugin and enable audio streaming from your DAW.


  1. If open, close your DAW.

  2. Launch the ​Introduction to LANDR Sessions​ installer.

    a. Authorize the installation of VB-Audio
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions until you receive the following confirmation.Screen_Shot_2021-01-11_at_6.07.50_PM.png

Confirm your DAW audio preferences

  1. Open your DAW and go to the audio preferences.

  2. Check your DAW audio preferences to confirm your audio driver is still set to your audio interface or the computer’s built-in output.

Note: Your audio driver should N​OT​ be set to VB-Audio for output or input.

Setting up the Sessions plugin

  1. In our DAW, go to your plugins list​ (VST3, or AAX).

  2. Click ‘LANDR’.

  3. Select ‘LANDR Sessions’ to add LANDR to your Master fader/bus.

Note: Unless removed, LANDR Sessions will now automatically appear in the Master fader/bus when you launch your DAW.


Stream your audio

You can now start a Session and stream audio from your DAW. This can be done using the plugin within your DAW or from the ​LANDR Sessions page​.

  • The ​Start New Session​ button will launch a Session in your computer’s default web browser.
  • For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome.
  • If you prefer a different default browser but would like to use Chrome for Sessions, copy and paste the Sessions link into Chrome.

Click on the music note button​ in the video chat to enable audio streaming from the LANDR Sessions plugin.


Collaborate​ remotely like you’re in the same studio

  • Produce tracks remotely
  • Facilitate group songwriting
  • Give music and production lessons


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