How do I complete my profile?

A complete profile is the best way to stand out on LANDR Network. There’s a lot you can showcase with your profile, but to get started, you need to take care of 3 key sections:

Your Bio

Your bio is how people will get to know you and your work. Mention all applicable experience, achievements and skills. Tell the community why you're the right person for the job, the benefits of collaborating with you and what you can bring to their projects.

Profile image

Your profile image should be square and at least 400px by 400px

Good lighting and a smile go a long way. It’s also better to use a closely cropped portrait than a full body shot.

Cover image

Your cover image should be around a 3:1 ratio and at least 1500px wide by 500px tall.

Your cover image is the profile image’s backdrop so it’s natural that they should blend nicely and complement each other. This is a great opportunity to use any live performances or more creative images to add a little glam and personality to your profile.

Hot Tip: When deciding how to crop, don’t worry about cutting out the face to feature instruments or other points of interest.

Hot Tip: There are plenty of free stock images that you can use if you don’t have anything on hand. Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay are great resources.



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