Can I keep all royalties from my cover songs?

Once you have paid your one-time fee of $15 USD, you’ll earn royalties the same way you would with any other release. Your initial fee goes toward paying royalties to the original writers.

Every time your cover song is sold as a digital download in the United States, we’ll take 12¢ USD and pay it to the original writers. For songs over 5 minutes, we’ll take 2.31¢ USD for each minute (rounded up) to be paid out.

For example, if your song is 4 minutes and 33 seconds, we’ll take 12.3¢ USD for each download. If your song is 6 minutes and 14 seconds, it is 2.31 cents per minute rounded up to the nearest minute (2.31¢ USD multiplied by 7 minutes).


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