Can I use AI technologies to create content for distribution through LANDR?
Yes, you can use AI technologies to create content for distribution through LANDR, but it must comply with our “Acceptable Use and Fair Usage Policy.” If your content doesn't meet our guidelines, we reserve the right to refuse its distribution.

What happens if LANDR suspects misuse of AI technologies?
If we suspect you're solely relying on AI technologies to create content, we may audit your creative workflows and projects and require a live demonstration of your digital working environment before accepting your release.

What are the consequences of violating LANDR's fair usage policy?
If you violate our fair usage policy, we may suspend your distribution catalog and product access for six months or terminate your account.

How does LANDR ensure privacy and ethical considerations with AI-generated content?
We prioritize privacy and ethical considerations by not using individual user data to train our AI systems. This ensures confidentiality and the integrity of your personal information while still providing high-quality AI-generated content.



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