How do I use LANDR Mastering Plugin?

  • Open your DAW project and insert the plugin on your master output
  • The plugin will open and ask for authorization 
  • NOTE: LANDR Mastering Plugin only uses the internet to confirm that you have a license. It does not need it for analysis and running the plugin
  • The plugin will ask you to play the loudest part of your track—when you comply it will conduct analysis 
  • After analysis you will be able to hear a playback of the processed version of the track
  • Adjust the controls and/or select alternate processing for a more “Warm” or “Open” sound vs. the default “Balanced”
  • If you change your mix and want to hear a new version of the master, simply hit the “Master” button to do a new analysis
  • Export your mastered mix to the device of your choice


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