How does Revisions work?

Revisions lets you make tonal and volume adjustments in a simplified way, keeping your workflow efficient.

Dig in with the five elements at your fingertips:

Adjust the perceived loudness to get closer to your target.

Distortion Filter
Enable the distortion filter if there’s any crackling or clipping that appears in your mix.

EQ Intensity
Adjust EQ intensity to hear more (or less) of the EQ effect in your master.

Adjust the EQ
Fine-tune the EQ for specific frequency ranges that might be distracting or hard to hear. Independently tweak the lows, mids, highs, as well as a track’s vocals.

Sibilance Protection
Apply more sibilance control to further dull harsh, high frequencies like “F” and “S” vocal sounds or shrill, high-pitched instruments. You can choose to target higher or lower vocal ranges, or apply control to the full range.


Stereo Width
Control the depth and immersion of your track. Create a wider spread, or a more focussed and direct centre. 


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