How does the Samples plugin work?

The Samples plugin is easy to set up and install.

  1. Download and install the plugin
  2. Open your favorite DAW and launch the plugin 
  3. Login or signup to LANDR when prompted.

If you don’t see LANDR Samples in your plugin list, run a plugin scan with your DAW.


Now you can:


Sync with your DAW

Set your key and BPM to sync LANDR Samples to your DAW. Sync can be turned off any time.


Play samples from the LANDR sample library

Click play to hear your first sample. Use the up and down arrow keys to switch between samples.


Tweak your samples

Use ‘Advanced Settings’ to change the key and BPM of individual samples.


Drag, drop & you’re done

Grab the waveform or the dotted handle to drag and drop your sample into your DAW.



Unsync to download samples in their original key and BPM.

Purchased samples can be downloaded pre-processed. You can find your purchased samples on your Downloads page.

Paid sample previews are watermarked. The watermark is removed for both previews and downloads upon purchase.


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