How do I update my Apple Music artist profile image?

We will gladly update your Apple Music artist profile image for you.

To do so please write to support and attach a profile image that respects the recommended specifications below.

For best results Apple Music recommends:

  • .jpeg or .png Image format.
  • A minimum of 2400px x 2400px.
  • Aspect Ratio of 1:1.
  • RGB color space.
  • At least 72dpi.
  • File size below 20MB.
  • Keeping your face in the middle of the image for circle cropping.
  • No text, branding or advertising.
  • Not promoting your social media links or releases.


Don't scale up your artwork if it's smaller than the required size, this will only distort the image quality.
We want your release to look its best in all stores!


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