What do I do if I don't recognize a charge in my LANDR account?

If you’re seeing a charge not expected in your account, there might be a few reasons why.


Multiple accounts and how to find them
You may have created several LANDR accounts without realizing you’ve done it.

This can cause issues with login, confusion with your mastering history (tracks not in your Library), or even duplicate charges.
There are different ways to look for your accounts:

  1. Go through your email inboxes to find any LANDR 'Verify your email address' emails. Each time you create an account with us, you receive an email asking you to confirm your email address.
  2. Try logging in with another email address you might have used to create an account. Use the 'Forgot your password?' button to try resetting the password.
  3. Did you sign up through Facebook? Try logging in through Facebook to double check.

If the price you’re seeing on your bank statement is different from what you saw on our website, it might be because you’re purchasing from a foreign country.

In this case you have to take into account the exchange rate and keep in mind that your bank might be charging you foreign transactions fees.


Pricing changes
We would never change the price of your ongoing subscription without notifying you.

When you purchase a subscription, the price will always stay the same for as long as you don’t cancel it.

If you cancel your subscription and then re-purchase it later on, you might see that we rolled out localized pricing in your country’s currency, or that we’ve slightly changed the prices (you’ll see that on the pricing page before purchasing though).


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