How do I complete a feedback assignment?

Feedback is most helpful when it is thoughtful and suggestive. Great feedback is clear, specific, and actionable. 

In order to complete a feedback job, you must complete the four following mandatory feedback fields in the Network assignment.

First Impression
Taking notes on your first listen is a great way to capture “First Impressions”. This is the best time to capture your thoughts on the “impact” of the track. Make sure you listen to the whole song without interruption to get the whole picture. 

Strongest Point
Here is where you can comment on what is most impressive and note what elements really stand out. You can also let them know what should be accentuated to grab the listener’s attention.

Weakest Point

Take note of any clashing elements that catch your attention and whatever might be holding back that ‘wow’ factor. 

Suggested Strategy
Here’s where you can suggest how to take it to the next level. Elaborate on previous comments and make a plan for the next steps. Let them know if certain elements should be added, modified, or removed.

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