How do I activate my Plugins in Plugin Subscription?

All plugins are accessible via the My Plugins section of your account.

To access and install your plugins:

  1. Log in to LANDR
  2. Click on your avatar at the top right hand side of the screen > My Plugins
  3. Click “Install” on your desired plugin
  4. Click “Get redeem code” to display your redeem and/or activation codes
  5. Follow the third party instructions to download and install

Download and installation instructions may vary by plugin. System requirements may also vary by plugin.

Third party plugins include a perpetual license meaning you’ll still own them forever even if you cancel your Plugin Subscription. (Though you will lose access to other Plugin Subscription features and products.)

Hot tip: New plugins are automatically added to your My Plugins page whenever they’re added to Plugin Subscription, as long as you've retained your subscription. So far we’ve added over $2,000 of extras with more on the way!

If you have any questions about how to use a specific plugin, or if you’re experiencing issues with the third party’s redeem code system, please contact our partners directly for further assistance.


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