How do I migrate my catalog to LANDR from a previous distributor?

Glad you're considering migrating your catalog to LANDR!

Migrating distributions may seem tricky, but it is possible and can help you streamline your LANDR music production workflow.

You need to provide the same ISRC codes and identical metadata when resubmitting tracks from your previous distributor.

Everything in the metadata including the original track's length can affect whether or not your release will "merge" in stores and properly report your streaming data.

Here’s what you’ll need to look out for:

  1. ​​Your song title, artist name and artwork must be exactly the same
  2. Audio files must be identical. Track length and format must match exactly.
  3. The type of release (album, EP, single) must be the same
  4. Use the original ISRC numbers
  5. Your original release date must be used

Your previous release should remain live until after your LANDR release goes live on your selected stores and platforms. You will have two identical releases live at the same time, but don’t worry. That’s normal. Spotify will show this as “1 More Release.”

Once your tracks have been approved, live in stores with LANDR and they’ve "merged" in the store, you can issue a takedown with your previous distributor. This should ensure that your stats are carried over to your LANDR releases.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee stats will transfer over every time, which is why we recommend you use metadata that is 100% identical to your previous releases.


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