Can I manually generate a Content ID claim on a YouTube video that includes my music?

YouTube’s Content ID service will typically generate claims automatically on videos that feature music you have distributed with LANDR, provided your LANDR release is eligible for monetization through Content ID. It can sometimes takes a few days for a claim to be generated on a video.


When LANDR holds the Content ID claim on a video, there will be a “Music in this video” section in the video description that links to the LANDR release on YouTube. This section will typically state that the music was licensed to YouTube by our aggregator.


If you discover a YouTube video that features your music and a Content ID claim was not automatically generated on that video after a few days, reach out to us with the URL of the video and the ISRC of the track you delivered with LANDR. With this information, we can request for a Content ID claim to be manually generated on that video.


Keep in mind that we can only generate manual Content ID claims if your release is eligible for monetization through Content ID.


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