1. Select a track to split

After your release has been approved and submitted to stores, you can access the Splits tab of your release details to begin the royalty split process.

  • To see the Splits tab, go to “My releases”, then “Released”, select the release of your choice and click “Manage”
  • By default, when no split agreement is active, you get 100% of recording royalties
  • Recording royalties are collected by LANDR Distribution, and they do not include publishing/songwriting rights

2. Create and submit a split agreement

You can create a split for a specific track by clicking on the pencil button, which will open the split creation window.

  • You can add collaborators using email addresses or by selecting from a list of existing collaborators
  • You will have to add a split percentage for each collaborator (up to 100%)
  • The sum of all the shares (including yours) must add up to 100% in order for the split to be set

3. View a split agreement

Once the split agreement is submitted, all collaborators will be notified via email.

  • Once sent, the split agreement will be marked as pending until all collaborators have created their accounts


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