How are collaborators informed about a split agreement I’ve created?

1. Existing LANDR user

An existing LANDR user will receive a notification and email detailing a split agreement.

  • When a collaborator is an existing LANDR user, the split share is automatically applied to their account
  • No action is required to accept the split
  • The collaborator can view the split details and its status on the “My catalog” page

2. Non-LANDR collaborator

A non-LANDR collaborator will receive an email with information about the split agreement, along with an invitation to sign up in order to claim their split share.

  • The new user will have to sign up to LANDR with the same email address that the split was assigned to
  • If the collaborator was already connected to LANDR with a different email address, the split will not be visible and the user will have to log out and sign up with the email address used in the split proposal

3. Split activation

Once all collaborators have received a split agreement, the track’s split status will become active and future royalties will be split according to the percentages outlined.

  • Once all collaborators have received and/or signed up and received their split shares, the owner and collaborator(s) will receive an email and notification confirming that the split is live.
  • It takes 2-3 months for LANDR to start receiving earnings for streams and downloads, and revenue is then paid out monthly
  • Commissions are taken based on the split owner’s chosen LANDR Distribution plan
  • A split breakdown is calculated when LANDR distributes royalties, based on the latest agreement, and is always applied moving forward—there are no retroactive payments made.


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