What happens if someone uses my music in their YouTube videos?

If your music is eligible for monetization through Content ID and it appears in a YouTube video, a Content ID claim should automatically be generated on the video in question. An active Content ID claim on a video allows LANDR to collect royalties for you, when the video is viewed.
An active Content ID claim on a video also maintains a “Music in this video” section in the video description that will link to your release on YouTube. When LANDR holds the Content ID claim on a video, this section will typically state that the music was licensed to YouTube by our aggregator.
If the uploader of the video disputes LANDR’s claim on the video, our team will reach out to notify you of the disputed claim and you’ll be able to watch the video to hear where your music is being used. You then have two options:
  • Maintain the claim to allow LANDR to continue collecting royalties for you when the video is viewed
  • Release the claim to let the creator use your music and monetize it for themselves without paying you a share of royalties generated from views


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