What can I do with Auto-Tune Access?

Auto-Tune allows you to correct and play with pitch in real time. Mix and match different settings for more natural pitch correction or a more stylized effect. 

Here’s a quick overview to get you started:

Key and Scales

Use this to set the Key and Scale for your audio. For best results, use the same key and scale that you audio is actually in.

If you’re not sure how to find your key, check out Auto-Key.

Retune Speed

This controls how quickly the audio is corrected. This affects the intensity of the pitch correction effect.


This setting helps create more natural sounding sustained notes. Use this along with Retune Speed for a more pronounced or more subtle effect.

Pitch Display & Pitch Change Meter

Pitch Display shows the letter name of the current pitch. This is also displayed on the Keyboard.

The Pitch Change Meter shows how much the detected pitch is being re-tuned.


The keyboard will display the current pitch in blue as well as active notes in your chosen scale. Disabled notes will be greyed out.


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