Can I link my artist profile to my release?

Yes, you can link your artist profile to your release.

Select your existing Spotify and Apple artist under the “Primary Artists” field when building your release.

When searching for your profiles, remember to use exact title casing as displayed in stores; using different casing and/or spelling will result in a mismatch.

If you do not see the right artist appear when searching for your band or artist name, you can manually paste your existing artist profile for Spotify and Apple Music by following these steps:

  1. Type in artist name and select "Create a new artist artist name"

  2. In the pop up window, check off "This artist already has music live in stores". This will reveal the option to paste your Spotify and Apple Music artist profile URLs. Here you can either select from what's populated or select "Link profile using a Spotify/Apple Music URL".

  3. Paste your artist profile URL and select "Add".


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