Can I use my ISRCs to release the same track on more than one release?

As long as your track has the same International Standard Recording Code (ISRC), you can include it on several releases. If a track has been modified in any way (audio file or metadata) the ISRC cannot be re-used.

Here’s how to release your track using an existing ISRC:

  1. Create a new release
  2. Add your previously released track from your library with the ISRC you want to reuse. You'll see an icon of a CD with a little check mark identifying tracks you've released in the past.

All the information for that track (including the ISRC you used) will be pre-filled. You won’t be able to edit any of the information for that track. We do this because stores require us to send the exact same metadata and audio file with an already-used ISRC code. Metadata at the release level will still be editable.

Please make sure you only have one version of the release in your drafts. If there are multiple versions of the same release in your drafts this will prevent the ISRC from being re-used.

Reusing your ISRCs is great for:

  • Including a single on an album
  • Re- releasing several singles as an EP, mixtape or album
  • Re-releasing songs as a compilation, anthology or greatest hits

Remember, metadata from an ISRC cannot be modified by re-releasing. Music stores cannot display different metadata for songs with the same ISRC.

If you'd like to make changes to your metadata, you'll need to generate a new ISRC by creating a new release from your LANDR library with the updated metadata.


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