A cover song is a recording of a previously released song that has kept the same composition (lyrics, melody and song structure) as the original version.

Cover song licensing does not extend to:

  • Remixes
  • Samples
  • Mashups

You can use the MLC public search engine to find the exact songwriters and the song title (punctuation matters).

For more information on what you need to release covers check out this FAQ article.

Please note that derivative work is excluded from the services LANDR is offering at this time, as we are missing the necessary licenses to do so.

Derivative work refers to any song that takes pre-existing work and uses that material to create a new composition. It differs from a cover song, which is a more straightforward interpretation of an existing composition without significant alterations to the melody or lyrics, and from a remix that would include actual samples of an original work.

Examples of derivative work include: Translations, Sampling or replaying (re-recording a segment of the original song), Parodies, Medleys or any song arrangements that change lyrics, abridge the music, or making other significant alterations to the original composition.



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