Can I release my content to Beatport?

What is Beatport?

Beatport is the world's leading store for dance and electronic music releases.
DJs from all over the world can listen to and buy your tracks from the world's largest electronic music catalog.

Beatport only accepts releases from approved labels. This means that LANDR will automatically replace the label you specify in your release metadata with "LANDR-Self Released".

Don't worry though - the label you originally submitted will still appear in all other stores.

How do I submit music to Beatport?

To release on Beatport, you will need the following

  • A LANDR account.
  • A Distribution Pro Yearly, Studio Yearly or Studio Pro Yearly subscription.
  • An established online presence or a significant following.
  • Live releases with LANDR.

Please fill out this short application which asks for the following

  • Links to 2 social media profiles (your most impressive!)
  • Artist/band website.
  • Link to your Spotify artist profile.

Once your application has been submitted and reviewed, you'll receive an email notifying you of your music's eligibility.

If your music is eligible, select the Beatport Store when creating your electronic or dance genre release for distribution on Beatport.



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