I want to master an album with LANDR

Although LANDR doesn't currently do traditional album mastering (we’re working on it), tons of artists get great album results with our service.

To maintain consistent levels throughout your album, the best approach is to use the same intensity for all songs.

There could always be some exceptions, though:

You might choose medium intensity on an album full of pop or rock songs, but if there’s a ballad, you may prefer to use the low intensity for that song only.

To find out what works best for you, just experiment with different intensities.

You’ll get each LANDR master back as a separate file. If you need to put the masters together as one file for your release, you’ll be able to in your DAW.

Keep in mind that LANDR doesn’t apply any fade-ins or fade-outs to your masters, and we don’t support metadata just yet. You’ll need to add that in after mastering.


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