I want to know how to share my masters for feedback

LANDR Sharing  lets you share tracks privately and securely, get valuable feedback and make better music all in one place.

You can share any of your LANDR masters by clicking on the share button next to the track in your track library (note that this is separate from the SoundCloud share button).

You can then choose who you send it to, and for how long the share will be available for. Choose 1 hour, 1 day, 2 days or 1 week. When the time is up, your share disappears.

If you share your track with more than one email, every person’s feedback will be visible to everyone in the share. To remove people from the share or modify the expiration, click on Manage Sharing in the top right corner of the share page.

If you need to stop the share completely, click on the Stop All Sharing button in the top right corner. If you do this, everyone you shared with loses access to that track.

You’ll get a notification when someone shares a track with you, or when someone listens to, comments on, or likes your shared track.

Every track you share with LANDR is watermarked, so if your song is leaked, we can identify who did it.

More info about sharing here.


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