I want to know more about the LANDR x SoundCloud integration

You can now link up your LANDR and SoundCloud accounts either by connecting your SoundCloud account upon sign up, or by clicking on the “Share to SoundCloud” button in the left-hand side menu.

Connecting your SoundCloud account will allow you to easily upload LANDR masters to SoundCloud directly from your account (they will upload to SC as private tracks, so you can make them public when the time is right).

If you share to SoundCloud with the free option (you can do this unlimited), we'll send them a master optimized for streaming. This master won't be available in your LANDR track library.

If you need a higher quality master for streaming, just share to SoundCloud using the WAV option (WAV cost applies as per your subscription plan - so if you have unlimited WAVs, there’s no charge). We'll send them a WAV of higher quality, so when SoundCloud transcodes the file for streaming on their platform, the master will be heard in better quality since you sent them a high-res file.


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