I want to know more about the Desktop App

Our Desktop App offers extra features that are not yet available on our website, such as bulk uploading, and saving multiple masters to your computer at once.

With our app, you can also bounce your mix directly from your DAW to the LANDR Bounces folder (a folder we put on your computer when you download the app). When you do this, the app automatically grabs your mix, uploads it to the app and generates a preview. You can then generate a master from that preview.

You can have multiple previews ready for mastering at once, creating a more seamless workflow for you.

The Desktop App is designed to be used in sync with an unlimited plan, so it works best if you’re subscribed to one of our subscriptions.


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    Alan knight

    I now have Windows 7 Home Premium running. I can not load your app because it is saying I must log in as the administrator. Well, I am the Administrator! With further reading, I read that you do not have this ready yet.
    When will this be available? I have a 16 song CD waiting for Mastering right now. Also, I have your highest level of Subscription at this time. This would be a big help, due to the time. Also, one more question...... If I load the songs one at a time, Will they be sufficient for a mastered CD? This being EQ, Volume, etc?

    You guys are doing a great job though!
    thanks for the help and let me know when I can download your app!!

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    Vanessa Salvo

    Hey Alan,

    Please get in touch with our support team at so we can help you out with this issue.

    Can you send us a screenshot of the error message you're seeing? This might be a Windows issue (I think we had someone experiencing the same thing a few days ago).

    We'll be happy to sort this out for you :)


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