24-bit WAV masters

We offer uncompressed WAV masters in 24-bit. HD WAVs are only included in our yearly Pro plan.

With all other plans, you can purchase à la carte HD WAVs for the prices listed on our pricing page. Your master will come back at the same sample rate your mix was in, so you can aim as high as you want.


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    When I save project, to anything other than 16 bit with my sonar producer series software, they will not play, but saved in 16 bit they will. 24 bit just appears to create silence when played back. Is there something in the computer or CD burning software that I am missing??? Before I pay for wav HD, I need to understand what is happening in 24 bit, that my systems don't seem to recognize.

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    Vanessa Salvo

    Hey Ned,

    We hit you up via email, we'll help you out that way. :)


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    Tahaun Rosado

    Hey! i would like to know if the sample on the master a mp3? a HD? OR what... thank you.

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    Tahaun Rosado

    is it a Low Res MP3? or a High Res MP3?

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