I’m getting a “Track too loud” error message

If your track is getting the "too loud" message, it means that you may not have enough dynamic range within your mix for LANDR to do its thing properly.

Dynamic range is the difference in the high and low levels of your mix. Essentially, the lower your dynamic range, the more compressed or squished your material is.

The most common culprit for low dynamic range is when a limiter is inserted on the master buss/fader. We recommend removing the limiter (or compressor) from your master buss.

Note: sometimes a song/mix can have nothing on the master buss but still be over-compressed because the individual tracks can be highly compressed themselves.

Check out our guide to preparing your mix for LANDR so that you get the best master possible.

If you still need some extra help, just shoot us an email at and we'll sort you out.


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