My payment is declining

This usually stems from an issue with your payment method - you might wanna try calling your bank, then reattempting the payment.

If it still doesn’t work, give us a shout at and we’ll sort it right out.


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    André Herz

    Hello Guys, i will change the credit card info, but i can´t find the button to do that. any suggestion?
    Best Regards

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    Jan Carr


    I am desperately trying to update my acount since the paypal payment did not go through and now my acount seems stuck.

    I have followed the above steps but have no editing options at all.
    How can I update my payment?


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    barry walshe


    I paid the monthly fee but the account did not update to reflect this I can provide the email to show you.


    Barry Walshe

    Transaction ID: 2AN41119YK633241T

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