I need to update my payment info

No worries-- just go to the "Account" section and then to “Edit Payment Methods”. If you’ve paid with a credit card, your card will appear as the subscription card. Click on the "UPDATE SUBSCRIPTION CARD" button next to your subscription card to edit the info. Then update your info and save it. All of your future payments will be processed with your updated card.

Keep in mind that adding a new saved card on this page is for future à la carte purchases. This doesn't affect your subscription card.

If you paid using PayPal, just update your information from your PayPal account. Once you do this, all future payments will be billed directly to your PayPal account.


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    Timothy Barlow

    I had an early adopter plan but changed credit card... how do I update the creditcard details? Or can I switch to Paypal?

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    Vanessa Salvo

    Hey Timothy,

    If you have an early-adopter plan, just email us at and explain your situation. We'll be able to sort this out for you so you can keep your plan and change your payment info.

    Hope this helps. Speak soon. :)

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    Jordan Colunga

    im tryin to make a payment can u set up an invoice or how do i make this payment please help i need to finalize music! thanks

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    roger terrell

    Thanks I'm just waiting on Vanessa.. Which is doing a great job with servicing my program and answering my questions.

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