Can I update information on a live release?


Users with LANDR's Pro Distribution plan or LANDR Studio can update information on live releases.

Submit a request to the LANDR Support team and indicate which information you’d like to update.

Due to certain streaming service/digital store guidelines, the following metadata information cannot be changed:

  • The primary artist name and featured artist name
  • The genre
  • The target release date
  • The UPC and ISRC
  • A project’s track order and the number of tracks on a project
  • The audio file itself

If you would like to change any of the information listed above, you’ll need to pause your release and submit an updated version directly from your LANDR Library.

To avoid any discrepancies, the metadata can only be updated once per release.

If the release has been approved by LANDR but you have set a release date in the future, please note that changes cannot be made if the release date is less than a week away.

Metadata update requests are processed at the streaming platform/store level and generally take 2-4 weeks. 

Once an update is processed, it may not be visible immediately depending on the streaming platform/store and the type of update requested.


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