How do I use Auto-Key on my tracks?

Getting started with Auto-Key is quick and easy. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open Auto-Tune Access

Open one or more instances of Auto-Tune in your project. Confirm  that Enable Auto-Key Detection is turned on in the Preferences for each instance.

Step 2: Open Auto-Key

Open an instance of Auto-Key on one of your tracks or on the master output. 

For best results use Auto-Key on a track that has lots of harmonic information, such as a chordal instrument, bass track, or a sub-mix of pitched instruments or vocal tracks.

Step 3: Begin playback

As the track plays, Auto-Key will analyze the audio and then display the detected key and scale in the Scale Display. Be sure to play back at least 10 seconds of audio to allow Auto-Key enough time to detect the key of the track.

Note: You can also analyze an entire file by using File Upload

Step 4: Send to Auto-Tune 

Once Auto-Key has detected the key, click Send to Auto-Tune. The Key and Scale will be set to the key and scale that Auto-Key has detected.


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