How do I use Auto-Tune Access?

Auto-Tune Access is easy to set up and use. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open Auto-Tune Access

Place Auto-Tune Access on an audio track in your DAW. For the best results, use it on a vocal track with only one singer, or a solo instrument track. 

Step 2 : Choose your Key and Scale

Set the Key and Scale to match the key and scale of your music.

If you’re not sure what key your music is in, you can use the Auto-Key add-on (sold separately for an additional USD $2.49/month) to automatically detect it and send that information directly to Auto-Tune Access. 

You can also use the Keyboard to customize your scale by turning individual notes on and off.

Step 3 : Choose your intensity

Retune Speed is how quickly your audio is tuned to the desired pitch. 

For an intense and more robotic effect, set the Retune Speed to Fast. For more natural-sounding pitch correction, set it to Medium or Slow

You can also play with the Humanize setting for more natural sounding sustained notes.


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