What can I do with Auto-Key?

Auto-Key streamlines your workflow by automatically detecting the key and scale of your track and passing that information to Auto-Tune in a single click. 

Here’s a quick overview to get you started:

Scale Display

This shows the current key of your audio.

Scale Menu

Choose what scale and key information to send to Auto-Tune or set this to Auto-Detect to have Auto-Key find the key for you.

File Upload

Use this to analyze whole files elsewhere on your device. Auto-Key will analyze the file and show the key and scale in the Scale Display.

Send To Auto-Tune

Click this once Auto-Key has your key and scale information. This will automatically send the same information to Auto-Tune.

Note: You must have Auto-Key Detection enabled in Auto-Tune Access.


The detected key or selected key will be displayed here in blue.

Reference Frequency Display

This is where you’ll see the frequency of your track.


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