LANDR just asked me to provide a license for my release

LANDR requires you to provide a license agreement and proof of purchase when distributing a track that contains a licensed beat or instrumental, or copyrighted samples.

Copyright is a delicate thing and if you're not sure, we recommend you purchase your instrumentals from a website which will provide you with an appropriate contract and proper documentation.

Ideally a contract includes:

  • Licensee’s name
  • Licensor’s name
  • Name of the track being leased
  • Duration of the contract (+5 years)
  • Terms of use (i.e. unlimited streams, 2,500 units sold, YouTube monetization, Etc).

By agreeing to the LANDR Release Terms and Conditions, you have agreed to the following:
(a) I grant all the rights required for LANDR to make and authorize, on a non-exclusive basis, any online distribution of my recordings, metadata, or other info.

(b)I grant LANDR all the necessary rights for online distribution of my recordings, and any metadata, through digital services.

(c) I’m responsible for paying any person who may be entitled to a share of any payment of net incomes made by LANDR to me.


We don’t want you to run into trouble down the road. If you have any questions, please contact support.


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