Can LANDR take my releases down from stores?

LANDR has the right to take down your releases from stores anytime.

We might take down your tracks permanently if:

• You’re not complying to our Terms of Service
• We feel that you’re using our release services illegally (i.e. releasing infringing metadata, information or other material)
• You’re not complying with our Acceptable Use Policy
• We discontinue our release services
• We decide, for any reason, that we don’t want to continue releasing your work

You can remove your tracks from stores by using the "Pause Release" function in your release dashboard.

This will request your tracks be taken down from all web stores.

This process can take between 5-8 business days.

If you would like to put your track back in stores just use the "Resume" function on your Paused page and we will repost your release as it was originally created.


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