Can I use LANDR on my phone or tablet?

Although we offer a mobile/tablet site, our mobile/tablet testing process is still being improved. For the best experience possible, we would recommend sticking to a computer.


Downloading your masters on an iPhone or iPad

There’s no accessible file system on iOS, which means you can’t download files to a folder on your Apple phone or tablet. You’ll have to use a third party application like iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive to store your LANDR files.

If you download a file from your LANDR track library on a phone or tablet, the file will open and play on a preview page. From this page, click on the share icon on the bottom bar, choose 'Save As...' and save the file to a storage app like Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

By default, these files won’t be on your device--they will be stored in the Cloud and accessible from any device where you use the app you stored it with


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