You can track all of your releases in the ‘Releases’ section of your LANDR account.
They’re organized by their status: draft, in review, released or paused.

Here you’ll find all the releases that you’ve created but haven’t submitted for release yet.
You can still edit your release information when it’s in this state.

In Review
Here you’ll find all releases that are pending approval from our team.
Our support team will get in touch with you if there’s anything wrong with your release at this stage so that you can update it on your end.

Here you’ll find all your releases that have been successfully delivered to the stores and are still currently released.

Here you’ll find all releases that have been paused from stores.
This means you’re no longer getting trends and revenues from these releases, but that you can re-activate them at any time.

You still have access to your earnings and trends from when the release was active.


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