Mastering the Native Instruments Stems format

LANDR now masters Native Instruments’ Stems format; a new format for music that redefines creative live performance.


If you just need a general overview, you can read all about Stems here.


Once you’ve created your Stems using the NI Stems Creator tool (it’s free to use!), you can upload the MP4 file to LANDR. Your Stems file will need to be put together before you upload it for mastering. Check out this video for more info on how to put them together.


LANDR will store the metadata from your Stems file in your track library, but you won’t be able to edit this information in your LANDR account.


You'll want to add cue points and grid info after mastering - for now, that info gets lost when uploading to LANDR.

Your Stems master will be in AAC.


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