How to release Dolby Atmos™ files and Apple Digital Masters

Dolby Atmos™ Files

You can distribute a Dolby Atmos™ file as long as you have distributed your stereo file with LANDR. 

If you haven’t yet created a release, start one through LANDR Distribution When that’s done, reach out to our support team and include your Atmos™ file in your request, as well as your release’s UPC and ISRC codes.

We currently support delivery of this format to Apple Music, Amazon Music and Tidal.

Apple Digital Masters

Apple Digital Masters is a service provided by Apple that allows musicians to have their music mastered and delivered in high-resolution audio. To release music through this service, you will need to work with a mastering engineer who is certified by Apple to deliver Apple Digital Masters.

For more information, please refer to Apple’s documentation:

To badge your album as Apple Digital Masters, please send the following information.

  • UPC 
  • Apple Digital Masters Engineer email


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